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one agile sync

One agile sync is our vision of an organizational culture where all used communications, methods, formats and tools successfully interlock for a common purpose & shared values. And of course with a constant smoothly change.
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Agile Process

Iteratively & incrementally we visualize your existing processes, make blockages visible and support their removal with the goal of establishing self-learning processes.

Agile Coaching /
Scrum Mastering

To react reasonably to changes in complex environments we accompany teams and organizations in understanding and applying agile methods and the values behind.


We facilitate joyful and outcome-oriented exploration of what teams have experienced so that they gain clarity and are able to shape their collaboration (e.g., processes, roles, priorities).


New digital products require true digital processes. What is the vision, the mission that guides the teams? We actively look for ways to support stakeholders with the strategic alignment of the digital product.

Interim Product

Full spectrum Product Owning (Scrum/Kanban/etc.) including clarification and harmonization of requirements, stakeholder management, backlog work, sprints & product shipping.

Agile Product

Establishment of sustainable software development with cross-functional teams by coaching the agile way of working with focus on product outcome for dev team, PO & stakeholders.
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Agile Organizational Development

Julia Hinkel

About Julia

I accompany organizations, teams and individuals in their change processes using over 15 years of professional experience in the implementation of agile methods, self-learning processes and effective collaboration. 

My goal is to make organizations fit for current and future needs of their customers and other stakeholders. 

On- the-job training, coaching and accompanying individuals for internal knowledge building and sparring in challenging everyday situations are currently my focus.

Recent work experience

Individual coaching / on-the-job training for internal (prospective and experienced) Agile coaches in the context of a reorganization.

Individual coaching / on-the-job training for the takeover of Scrum Master or Facilitator roles

I provided the Scrum Masters with daily business support, training and facilitation to ensure they were fit to support their teams for cross team decision making and challenging situations.
(scaling Prop Tech, 80 EMPL, remote, multinational Teams, language: English)

With team kick-off, training sessions and workshops I accompanied an internal coach team to support them with tools and ideas on their journey to more self-organization.
(Media Company, 15,000 EMPL, Berlin & remote, language: German)

I supported an IT team and the business unit in the further development/adaptation of existing (agile) processes in a volatile environment as an Agile Coach with the following focus:

– Meeting-check and successive adjustments
– Facilitation of existing team meetings (daily, retro, refinement, review, etc.)
– Visualization of vision, team goals and current projects as a basis for prioritization
– Role clarification in the team
– Mission clarification of the team and the unit
– Personal training of the new coaching role
– Follow-up with regular team workshops
(Media Company, 15,000 EMPL, remote, language: German)

Prior work experience

I helped an interdisciplinary legal development unit to create agile conditions for project synchronization, priority review, goal definition, project coordination, knowledge management and meeting design to find a suitable approach for the digitalization of insurance law.
(Legal Tech, 20 EMPL, Berlin, language: German)

I supported various teams to get to know, experience and integrate agile methodologies such as dailies, work visualizations, value streams, workshops, retrospectives and other formats into their day-to-day work to be more effectively as a team and better synchronize within the organization.
(Legal Tech, 250 EMPL, Berlin, language: German)

I implemented the process framework Scrum for the internal software development team and made the handover to a Scrum Master including preparation/coaching so that the team could gain more transparency and focus in their work.
(Legal Tech, 250 EMPL, Berlin, language: German)

To gain more clarity and better prioritization in the „idea/request to implementation“ flow, I made a process analysis and adaptation recommendations and successively tested and adapted them with the stakeholders.
(Online Marketing Company, 150 EMPL, Berlin, language: English)

In the role of Scrum Master I helped three development teams to apply the process framework Scrum, to understand the principles and values behind it and to synchronize with the other teams in the organization. My focus was on making blockages visible and removing them, regular communication with relevant stakeholders and workshops and trainings on agile topics.
(Online Marketing Company, 150 EMPL, Berlin, language: English)

For the operation of a real estate portfolio in Germany, I set up the team and the organizational and operational structure, coordinated communication and escalation channels, and implemented a ticket system.
(Global Construction Group, Real Estate/Facility Management, 200,000 EMPL, Germany, language: German)

I worked as project manager in the fields of key accounting, business development, conception, calculation, project implementation, process optimization and sales.
(Global Construction Group, Real Estate/Facility Management, 200,000 EMPL, Germany and Europe, languages: German, English)

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Agile Product Management

Gunnar Hinkel

About Gunnar

I support your agile product team as a PO or help by coaching the agile way of working. I scan complex systems, find the patterns and establish lean ways to simplify. Seamlessly I move between technology, business & domain requirements to create agile product processes what are fit for current and future customer needs.

As a product owner and manager with 10 years of experience in the digital environment I proactively find ways to make stakeholders more capable and support the strategic alignment of the product vision.

Recent work experience

Establish the product management with set-up and run the daily product requirements funnel using the Scrum framework. Start product ownership with all aspects (incl. concepts, ticketing, backlog management, etc.) to enable stakeholder and development team to create valuable product benefits.

Help to integrate the new external (East-Europe) developer team: Introducing scrum, clarify the requirements, setup the boards, development of a new feature in sprint mode.

Appropriate preparation of complex contexts in the business and technical domain, show impact for the big picture. Analysis and conception of digital processes for data driven product and business process optimization in a scalable environment (S.a.a.S.).

Clarification and harmonization of requirements. Analysis/ visualization/ standardization of complex processes (BPMN), calculation of product strategies and value streams, evaluation of feasibilities with risk assessment.

PO for various rich web services including consulting the business customers. Examples: developing a B2B customer portal for automated processing of case data, adaption of internal case processing software for new customer data handling.

Adaptation of existing processes to the changed business environment. Establishing sustainable software development with cross-functional teams (e.g. in JIRA) by coaching the Agile way of working for PO, stakeholders and operational teams. Setting up processes for cross-functional collaboration in a Scrum environment.

Prior work experience

Developing a global cloud service for data collection from scratch. Product visioning, technical leadership of the development teams (internal & remote, located in East Europe), roadmapping and C-level reporting.

Clarification of stakeholder requirements and technical implementation of a noSQL video test DB, running Scrum sprints, shipping features with the development team for German OEM company.

Get a funding, setup a team and go for an innovative smart idea. Commercialize new e-commerce solutions for web shops on touch devices.

Managing the multimedia development of new e-leaning prototypes and test out business models with education partner.

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